Monday, August 9, 2010

Time for Blizzard to fix Release Spirit?

So, I finally have enough info collected to dive into my blog, and I'm going to start on a negative post.
This week my Guild on Khaz'goroth (US) GOAT finally got its 25man LK kill. I was part of this group. During the fight we, had just pushed LK into Phase 2 and we tried a new strat for the Val'kyrs. I was picked up and the strat did not work as we intended resulting in me dropping to my death. In this phase 2 more people died as well, and the raid leader commented that we would not try this strat again. I released naturally thinking 3 people down is a big loss, especially 2 were healers. What I didn't realise is that, the other 2 deaths weren't dropped, they were killed by the remaining Raging Spirit and a defile. So they were Battle-rezzed and the fight continued. To my shock and horror and elation at the same time the group continued the fight and downed LK with me sitting outside released. Then it happened! I did not get the achievement, however, the words "You are now saved to this instance" were sprawled across my chat box. Are you serious Blizzard? After doing some research I realized that this is a hugely common occurence especially with the LK fight. So i was sitting there thinking if WoW can register that I was there at the beginning of the fight, and then also registers when the boss dies, even though I am sitting outside, it should be able to put 2and 2 together and figure that this player was part of the kill and should receive the achievement (On top of that the Hunter Polearm dropped which I would have won due to my high EPGP score but alas I could not receive loot either). So this ended up a triple whammy: No Achievement or Title, No loot, but saved to the instance. After opening a ticket and waiting for 3 days I get a reply that"My problem is beyond the scope of powers of GMs".

So I think its time that Blizzard fix this. This happens regularly and everybody has done it or knows someone who released early accidentally. I propose that Blizzard put in a new button that while you are a ghost you can return your body dead into the instance again. This would fix all issues. You released to early? No problem hit the "Return Body to instance" and everything is fine. An early release like this on LK, after months of working on him hurts. The only consolation I have that another player also released except his was after the LK killed everyone.

Anyway I'd love to hear what you all think on this topic. I need a break while I calm down again. :)


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