Wednesday, August 11, 2010

1st Attempts in ICC Heroic 25

Well we only got to spend an hour in ICC 25 heroic, but at least we downed Marrowgar on the 1st attempt. The fight was surprisingly easy but the 30% buff and the fact that at least half of us have done it regularly on 10 man probably helped.

On to the strategy itself it did not vary much from normal mode. In heroic mode he has more health, hits harder and casts bonespike even during Bonestorm. There are also more Coldflames and they hurt a lot more, so be ready to move. For Bonestorm we split our raid into 2 groups with one group going left, one centre and one right.
It is imperative that all DPS switch to Bonespikes when they are up an a /tar Bonespike helps a ton (/tar Bone should be enough) for quick target switching.

We did move on to Deathwhisper but spent our 4 attempts wiping, although our progress improved the more we changed our strat. The best strat for us, it seems is to have everyone behind the boss forcing the adds to come to us and we then AoE them down with splash on the boss.

Well we'll see how we go tomorrow.

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  1. Indeed, Marrowgar is one of the easiest 25 Heroic fights, to the points where some "pugs" (aka guilds that don't have a full raid team) can actually down it with ease as long as there's a 25 kingslayer in the raid.

    For Deathwhisper my guild has found pulling the adds ontop of LDW in p1 and aoeing the best tactic so far. We have hunters on each side taking down the caster's if they get a reflective bubble, and then our DK's death grip them into the shield to be AOE'd.

    I'm helping out the tanks when deformed spawn by distracting shot and kiting them away, although if I'm slow (doesn't happen often, but I'm only human :P) it often leads to a death as they one shot whoever is next to them.

    We usually run with two hunters so in p3 each hunter has an assigned tank to MD for the tank switch as LDW is untauntable.