Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Groinstabber's Gold: Resources

I've had several requests both online and through this blog for some some pointers towards other podcasts and sites that focus on Gold-making strategies. SO i've listed some below.

Call to Auction Podcast - This is the Authority of Gold-making Podcasts. Run by two of the big guns in Gold-making strategies, Markco of "JustMyTwoCopper.org" and Euripides of "OutDPS.com", This podcast is incredibly informative. A must-have for anyone considering the AH game.

Just My Two Copper - This is the Number One Gold-Making blog in my opinion, and home to the JustMyTwoCopper forums. The site itself has just had a revamp and now even allows you to sign up for a Gold-making tips newsletter.

Phase 3: Profit - Another informative site, especially for those new to the AH game, with a lot of introductory strategies to get you on your gold-making way.

Warcraft Econ - A very informative blog that keeps you up with all the latest developments. Also home to the "Warcraft Econ Hall of Fame" where players who have reached the gold-cap share their stories and tips for your benefit. A must read!

Stokpile - Stokpile has stopped posting for now, however his posts are still very current in many ways and mandatory reading.

There are plenty of other gold-making blogs and Podcasts. These are just the ones I use. Hope this helps guys,

Be merry, be rich,

Groinstabber (Serebihm)

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