Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A blogging lesson learnt

So a lesson in blogging has been learnt already. I have been advised that the macro below is pretty much obsolete as damage bonus is applied to the hunter as long as you are tracking one of the types and the mobs your'e killing is one of the trackable types. Thank you Frostheim for pointing this out me.

This change has happened a long time ago to, so the fact that I didn't know about it can only mean that this change must have happened at a time I wasn't around. Not to worry...

So the lesson is keep the blogs on current topics and one may succeed. Oh and don't take breaks from WoW, things might change and  you could miss them. Anyway I'm off to Ruby Sanctum 25 and ICC hard modes. I will let you know how we went after.

keep on hunting


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