Sunday, December 2, 2012

Tips for Hunting Glorious Rares

Ever since my time in Pandaria kicked off I have been absolutely addicted to hunting Rares. It started with rare pets for my hunter whilst I was levelling through Northrend and Cataclysm. Every day before I start anything, I would check known locations of any pets I wanted. Now in Pandaria they have added Champions of Pandaria – rare spawns (if they can even be called that) that have shorter spawn timers than we’re used to, that drop a random piece of blue gear and have a chance to drop a rare item. For some rares its a 85-87 epic item (BoE epic pants for Krasarang Wild Rares and BoP Epic weapons for Jade Forest). For others it’s a Bag of specific Materials (i.e. Lon the Bull’s Bag of Herbs will contain all types of Pandaria Herbs, all Townlong Steppes rares drop a type of Bag). For the remainders its a vanity item of some sort.

Well, now that I have been 90 for a couple of weeks now, I have finally completed the Achievement associated with these rares (Glorious!) – I have killed all the rares found in Pandaria. Granted, this cannot be compared to Frostbitten! Or any of the previous Rares achievements – those required some dedication. But then my mission wasn’t just to kill these rares, I wanted the rare items that they dropped as well. Now suddenly this task looks a little bit harder and requires quite a bit more dedication. Anyone can go and kill 30 odd rares on a known spawn timer. It takes a little more to persuade them to do it over and over again until their special drops are collected.

So far I’ve collected about half of the items on offer. As per usual some items are more sought after than others, and I certainly have my own favourites. But first a few tips for those that are interested in getting this achievement or these rares.