Friday, August 13, 2010

Mountain O' Mounts Guide

Yes I am now the proud owner of the Blue Dragonhawk, reward for collecting 100 mounts. It was a long road, but not particularly difficult. Let's look at how it's done.

It is actually possible to reach 100 mounts WITHOUT farming any epic mounts from instances.

Alliance Reputation

To begin I farmed reputation with the Alliance factions, Stormwind, Ironforge, Darnassus, Exodar and Gnomeregan. The best way to do this is by completing their starter zones. It will also help a lot towards the Loremaster and Seeker Achievements.
Once you have all their reputations at exalted grab their mounts.

Mount count: 33

PvP Mounts
Now that PvP mounts just cost 50k honor this is easily ground out in a couple of days. The Black War Mammoth can be bought from Wintergrasp (must be under your factions control) for 300 Stone Keeper's Shards.

Mounts added: 6
Mount count: 39

Alliance Flying Mounts
Next get your flying skill, upgrade it to Epic Flying and by all the Gryphon Mounts.

Mounts added: 7
Mount count: 46

Sha'tari Skyguard
The chain for the Sha'tari Skyguard begins right next to the flight master in Shattrath, and involves dailies at Ogri'la in Blade's Edge Mountains, and at Skettis in Terrokar.

Mounts added: 5
Mount count: 51

You re now halfway there and will receive your first mount reward: the Albino Drake!!

Mounts added: 1
Mount Count: 52

Kurenai Mounts
Kurenai Rep is ground out in Nagrand by doing the Quests, most of them given in Telaar. Once all Quests are completed you should be just into Revered and will have to grind the rest out by Killing Ogres in the Nagrand and collecting Obsidian Warbeads. Handing 10 in at a time will reward with 500 Rep.

Mounts added: 8
Mount Count: 60

(Note their are actually 10 Talbuks, however the Dark Riding Talbuk and Dark War Talbuk are a little annoying to get as they require Halaa Tokens, both research and battle, which are difficult to get now that Halaa is rarely contested)

Netherwing Drakes
The Netherwing quest chain begins in Shadowmoon Valley, and the Rep is collected by way of completing dailies and collecting Netherwing Eggs, which are located all around Dragonmaw Fortress and the Netherwing Ledge.

Mounts Added: 6
Mount Count: 66

Singular Reputation Mounts
Winterspring Frostsaber: Dailies in Winterspring now reward 850 Rep.

Cenarion War Hippogryph: Complete quests for Cenarion Expedition all over Outlands.

Red Drake: You'll need to grind Wyrmrest to exalted doing quests, the daily in Dragonblight and wearing your Wyrmrest Tabard doing heroics.

Mounts added: 3
Mount Count: 69

An Qiraj Mounts
Yes the battle tanks In AQ count towards their mount achievement and the trash before the first boss all have chance to drop them. Also it appears once you have a mount and learnt it it will not drop again increasing the chance for the other colours to drop. The colours are green, blue, yellow and red (Red is also a Feat of Strength). it is possible to get all mounts in 1 run (it took 2 for me).

Mounts added: 4
Mount count: 73

Argent Tournament Mounts
This will be a long grind as the lesser faction mounts will require 5 champion's seals and 400g and the greater faction mounts requiring 100 Champion Seals each. There are also 2 Hyppogryphs costing 150 Champion Seals each, and the Argent Warhorse and Quel'Dorei Steed costing 100 Champion Seals each. So to get all mounts you will need 1025 Champion Seals. The maximum number of Seals achievable each day is 13 (10 from dailies, 3 from Heroic ToC).

Mounts added: 14
Mount Count: 87

Crafted Mounts
To get crafted Mounts you will need to be an engineer and Tailor. There are 3 different Engineering Mounts (Mekgineer's Chopper, Flying Machine Control and Turbo-Charged Flying machine Control) and 3 tailoring Mounts (Flying Carpet, Frosty Flying Carpet and magnificent Flying Carpet). Note that the Chopper mats will cost you around 12000g.

Mounts Added: 6
Mount Count: 93

Dalaran Mounts
There are 4 mounts sold by Mei Francis in Dalaran. 3 will cost you Gold one of which, the Traveler's Tundra Mammoth, will cost you between 16000 to 21000g (depending on your Kirin Tor Rep). The 4th Mount, the Wooly Mammoth is purchasable using 200 Badges of Heroism which can be collected doing heroics.

Mounts added: 4
Mount Count: 97

Sons of Hodir Mounts
Sons of Hodir Reputation is gained by completing dailies in Storm peaks and handing in Relics of Ulduar (10). The Grand Ice Mammoth will set you back 8000g.

Mounts Added: 2
Mount Count: 99

Culling of Stratholme Mount
Bronze Drake: This is a guaranteed drop in heroic Culling of Stratholme of the Infinite Corruptor is killed in time.

Mounts Added: 1
Mounts Count: 100

Congratulations! You have now got your 100 mounts and will receive the Blue Dragonhawk.

Other Mounts that are not too difficult to obtain
Rusted Proto-Drake: Obtained by completing hard-modes and achievements in Ulduar 10man.

Sea Turtle: Has a chance to be fished up out of ANY Northrend fish pool.

Celestial Steed: Bought from the Blizzard Store

Black Drake: Guaranteed drop from defeating Sartharion with all 3 Drakes in Obsidian Sanctum 10 man. if you lose the roll offer a nice sum of gold to buy it of the winner (I paid 25k for mine which is more than the going rate, but it was my 100th mount).

Twilight Drake: Same as the Black Drake, except this one drops on the 25 man version.

Swift Razzashi Raptor & Zulian Tiger: These 2 drop in Zul Gurub. they are not guaranteed to drop, but these bosses are easy enough to solo by almost all classes. (no longer attainable as Zul'Gurub has been removed with patch 4.0.3a)

Swift Hawkstrider: Drops from Kael'Thas in Heroic Magister's Terrace. not a guaranteed drop and 3rd boss can be difficult to solo. Drop rate was recently increased.

Rivendare's Deathcharger: Drops of Baron Rivendare in Stratholme. Drop rate has been increased but is still very low 0.1%.

Green Proto-Drake: Has a chance to be obtained from the Mysterious Egg which can be obtained from the Oracles in Sholazar Basin once reputation hits Revered.

Red- Proto Drake: Obtained by completing the Glory of the Hero Achievement, requiring you to complete a number of achievements in heroics.

Black War Bear: Obtained by killing all 4 Horde leaders in their Capital Cities. Check TRade chat for players advertising the For The Alliance! Achievement.

Violet Proto-Drake: Obtained by completing all Holiday Achievements. So this will take you at least 1 year if none have been attempted yet.

White Polar Bear: Obtained from the Hyldnir Spoils reward, which in turn is obtained from completing the Brunhyldnir Village Daily.

So there you have it! Good luck with your Mountain of Mounts.

Keep on hunting,



  1. Most of this is good, but now that Cataclysm is out, there are a few more easy ones to get:

    The Icebound- and Bloodbathed- drakes from the ICC achievements (all of ICC HC, except LK, plus extra ach's). LK25 hc is guaranteed to drop Invincible. The 10 man heroic achievements for ICC are very easy, the 25 player is quite hard and 25 hc LK is extremely difficult, but is possible.

    Exalted with Baradin's Wardens, alongside about 250 Tol Barad Commendations will get you the Spectral Steed and Drake of the West Wind.

    Exalted with Ramkahen (very easy, just wear the tabard) will get you two camels.

    If you are prepared to spend about 60k gold then you can get the Vial of the Sands - a two person drake.

    If you get a skilled group with lots of time and effort, it is possible to do the Cataclysm heroic achievements (but to be quite honest, I would wait until the next content patch so it is easier), which reward you with a drake.

    Recruit-a-friend now gives you a two person rocket, which is quite nice - if you have a friend who is about to start WoW, recruit them and get a free mount.

    If you are prepared to spend real money on WoW, then you can buy loot cards online, which give you a mount. The cheapest one I have seen was the Big Battle Bear, for £60. Most cards are worth a couple of hundred pounds, and the Spectral Tiger can be found at up to £1,000.

    It should also be noted that the Wooly Mammoth is 2175 JP now; and the Black War mounts cost 2,000 honor points.

    The Ulduar mount is fairly easy to get as well.

    Also, you said that the White Polar Bear is obtained from the Brunnhildar Village Daily quest - this can be interpreted to mean that it's a guaranteed drop. The drop rate is, in fact, a 1% drop chance so after 100 days you will probably have it - be prepared to wait a little while!

    The Green Proto Drake has a chance to drop once every 7 days, if you are Revered with the Oracles. This is a 5% chance to drop, so still fairly low (and that's only once a week).

    The easiest mount to farm from dungeons is Baron Rivendare's Deathcharger. The drop rate for this has been upped from 0.02% to 1%, and since the dungeon is soloable in about 5 minutes (can be less), and you would probably have it within 100 runs, this means that after about 10 hours of farming it, you would PROBABLY have it.

    The Blue Drake is a nice drop from the Oculus, because when it does drop (only 1% chance) everyone in the party gets it. Funnily enough, I got it on my first run of Oculus!

    Blue Proto Drake is quite nasty to farm because you can do Utgarde Pinnacle once a day (that's the limit) and it's a 1% chance to drop; and if you don't know what you're doing, you might end up dead.

    The mounts from Zul Gurub are no longer obtainable, because Zul Gurub is now gone. The Amani War Bear, from Zul Aman, went a little while ago so you can't get that either -- I really don't know what Blizz have against the trolls...

    Some easy mounts to get are the event ones: the Headless Horseman's mount, from the Hallowe'en event, is a high drop chance - much like the Brewfest Kodo and Ram. The Love Rocket is not a very high chance, and it is in fact the only mount which I have never seen in game.

    The Argent Tournament mounts are not hard to get, but they do take a long time. From starting off with nothing in the Argent Tournament, it will take over 100 days to get everything.

    Finally, I must tell you that you need to be prepared to dish out lots of gold. The motorbike, Vial of the Sands, and the 3-seat mammoths are all very expensive, but there are also lots of mounts which cost 1k-2k - white gryphon, red drake, cenarion hippogryph, mammoths etc.

    Good luck!

  2. Yes, I am currently in the process of updating this post to include mounts added with CAtaclysm