Monday, February 28, 2011

Patch 4.1 first info plus hotfix and earthquake updates

I'm sure many of you have already read up on the coming patch 4.1 which has been deployed on the PTR. For those that haven't here's a round-up of what is getting everyone excited:

Friday, February 25, 2011

In Search of Rare Beasts and Competitions

Last week I told you about my misfortunes with Spirit Beasts. Well, it turns out that Blizzard or the RNG read my blog. A couple of days ago I was doing my rounds in Northrend and lo and behold who should appear, Skoll. I was ecstatic. Finally, a Spirit Beast! I quickly tamed him, fed him and renamed him to Sparkfang. I then set off again. I was tempted to just leave it at that, but decided to finish my route.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Christchurch Earthquake

One of many buildings that collapsed in Christchurch's city centre.

Apart from a few minor references this post is in no way about anything WoW related. Yesterday, at 12.51pm Christchurch was hit by an Earthquake measuring 6.3 on the Richter scale. On the face of it, it looks like just another minor aftershock from the 7.1 Earthquake, the region suffered in September of last year in which there were no fatalities. In truth, this one was more than just an aftershock. It was a killer. It was shallow, at an estimated depth of only 5km (compared to 33km of the September earthquake), and it was closer, its epicentre right underneath the town of Lyttelton, only 10km from Christchurch. So far 75 casualties have been reported, that number is expected to rise, as an estimated 300 people are still missing, either trapped inside buildings or underneath rubble. It has been suggested that this could be New Zealand's darkest hour yet.

Monday, February 21, 2011

I Need Comments!!

My blog has been up and fully running for the better part of 6 months now. I get a regular number of hits a day (usually around the 200 mark not counting myself), which I am happy with. But what I don't get a lot of, is comments on my post, so I never know if what I've written is interesting, if people agree or disagree, or any kind of feedback.For a total of 54 posts I only have received 70 comments, of which some have been posted by myself in response to other comments.. So I've been wondering why there has been such a lack of comments.
My guess is, that people do not know how to comment as an Anonymous user. Not everyone has a google account which is fine, so a few months ago I have enabled the option to allow anonymous comments.
To post a comment as an anonymous user or as a non-blogger user, use the comment box to type what you want to say, then, in the drop-down box below it either select "anonymous" (if you want to stay anonymous) or "Name/URL" to provide a name. And that's it guys. But be warned! Derogatory comments will be removed, so please be constructive.

So please readers, I get 200 hits a day on average, let me know what you think of my posts, so i can get some quality feedback. Comments will be my only indication if I'm on the right path to providing interesting reading material, and that is after all what I'm trying to do here.

Keep on hunting,


The Myth of Spirit beasts

Having leveled 3 characters to 85, 2 of which are raid-ready, one of which has done every quest from high-end cataclysm zones, I am a little bored of the daily grind. So now my time is mostly spent on the Auction house, raiding and playing other games. But I also took the time to try and fill my pet stable on my hunter. And as all hunters I am not just happy with getting regular skinned pets, no, I want to get unique and rare pets. Easier said then done.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Patch 4.0.6 impressions

Patch 4.0.6 hit this week and the hunter community is abuzz discussing all the new changes to the hunter class. Survival was nerfed (or was it, at times it doesn't feel that way), and BM and MM received considerable buffs. Some profession changes have also had a major impact on hunter dps for all specs, and have forced me to a make a profession change.

Real life forces guild change

As you all may have noticed posting has been a little scarce of late, but there was a good reason for that. I have recently gained a promotion at my work, which in turn meant a different work roster and added responsibilities. This coupled with the crazy holiday season left time to post inbetween work commitments and raids to a minimum. But now that the work roster has finally settled down I should be able to post more, starting with this one.