Monday, February 28, 2011

Patch 4.1 first info plus hotfix and earthquake updates

I'm sure many of you have already read up on the coming patch 4.1 which has been deployed on the PTR. For those that haven't here's a round-up of what is getting everyone excited:
1. Zul'Gurub and Zul'Aman are making a return as 5-man heroic instances. Bosses will drop ilvl351 epics, so just lower than what current raids drop. These instances were very popular due to their mounts (Razzashi Raptor and Zulian Tiger for Zul'Gurub and Amani War Bear for Zul'Aman) and these mounts will make a return, although in different skins.
2. There has been talk of a new hunter pet family possibly introduced with this new patch - The hydra. Data has been found that points to a new spell, Bellowing roar, with its tooltip reading "The hydra let's out a bellowing roar, inreasing the critical strike chance of all party rand raid members by 5%". Fingers crossed for that.
3. Data has also been unearthed of signs of the first epic gems. This could be a false alarm though, as in Wrath signs of the first epic gems were also seen in the first major content patch but not actually made available until the second or third patch.
So some interesting things to keep an eye on for the next patch.
In other news, Aimed Shot and Aspect of the Hawk have had their changes applied, and all Ican say is holy sh... I've tested out out the difference on SV and you DEFINITELY want to take 3 points in One With Nature instead of Careful Aim. BM is about 1k dps behind SV for me, but then remember I haven't played BM since the Naxx days so I am a little rusty. I'm not sure about MM my two current specs are SV and BM and I have no real interest in picking up MM, when SV is almost just as good on single target fights and signifcantly better on AoE fights.
On a personal note, for those who have read my post on the Christchurch Earthquake or are following the event on the news, we have heard from our last friend. She is ok, but the lack of power to her home, meant she was unable to be contacted. A scary thought though, she was working at the time of the earthquake, only a few 100m away from the CTV building that collapsed. Again I'm happy my friends are all accounted for, but my heart goes out to those missing loved ones or hurt by the quake. As an update the current death toll stands at 147 (expected to rise further) with 50+ still missing.
That's it for tonight from me. Much more huntering to do. So keep on hunting!


  1. Back in wrath there was a ghost hydra you could tame, never did it myself but I am told you had to do some quest chain. If I remember correctly it was an exotic, do you think blizz will make these n ew ones exotic? Personally I don't think they will because they only have one ability but obviously they could change that.

  2. I do remember people running around with the Ghost hydra, although I also never investigated. Wonder what family they put the hydra in back then. As for hydra's being exotic I agree with you. It only has one ability which would suggest non-exotic, but then again this is Blizzard.

  3. Hi there Serebihm !
    Wow is so crazy anonymous so let me break the ice:
    I am a S.African I left wow a year or so ago - at the time I had a 80 hunter 80 lock 80
    mage and a 80 DK - lets say I love DPS but could never find a main :)

    Give me a shout in game or via email any time

    Cheers Rew ( Rewlander )