Friday, February 25, 2011

In Search of Rare Beasts and Competitions

Last week I told you about my misfortunes with Spirit Beasts. Well, it turns out that Blizzard or the RNG read my blog. A couple of days ago I was doing my rounds in Northrend and lo and behold who should appear, Skoll. I was ecstatic. Finally, a Spirit Beast! I quickly tamed him, fed him and renamed him to Sparkfang. I then set off again. I was tempted to just leave it at that, but decided to finish my route.
I am glad I did. Because halfway through my sweep of Zul'Drak I cam across Gondria. Two Spirit Beasts in 10 minutes, what are the odds? Pretty slim for me considering these were the first two spirit beasts I had ever seen in the wild - alive or dead. But it didn't end there as only moments later I cam across another rare pet on my list - the spider Terror Spinner. I renamed him Boris after The Who's hit song, Boris the Spider. The remainder of the Northrend route was uneventful.
But after this success, I felt in the mood to look for more. So I went to Petopia and had a look at all the rare and unique pets available. I was amazed and intrigued at the number of rare unique pets available, especially in the old world. I also figured, considering the location of some of these pets were pretty well removed from major questing areas within the zones, the chances of me finding some of these pets were pretty high. And I was right.
After two routes through the old world I would say, my stable has doubled in size. And there are some truly beautiful rare pets around. Below is a list of all the unique rare pets that I've picked up so far:
Deathmaw (Wolf, Burning Steppes) - renamed Howler
Ashtail (purply-greyish fox, Loch Modan) - named Ashtail
Duskstalker (snow-white, dotted sabrecat model, Teldrassil) - renamed Snowy
The Razza (White Chimaera, Feralas) -renamed Dreadwing
Silithid Harvester (green and red beetle, Southern Stranglethorn) - renamed Buggsy
Skoll (Wolf Spiritbeast, Stormpeaks) renamed Sparkfang
Gondria (Sabrecat Spirit beast, Zul'Drak) named Gondria
Terror Spinner (Spider, Zul'Drak) renamed Boris
For Ashtail and Gondria I just drew a blank when it came to naming them. If you got some ideas for them, please let me know. I am also considering running a little competition for the naming of future pets, I just have to figure out the prize and how to get it to people, especially if they are on a different server. I will look into it and keep you posted. Any ideas are appreciated.
This little past time has really stirred some interest in me. My list of pets I'm looking for has grown significantly. They now include pets like Olm the Wise, a spectral owl in Felwood.The two wasps in Silithus, Zora and Rex'Ashil. Either of the two white gorillas, one found in Northern Stranglethorn, the other in Un'goro Crater, their names though escape me. And I'll probably also organise a small group for Chromaggus.
I will keep you updated on my future progress of taming rare pets, and also any developments regarding a competition. Again any ideas and explanations on how to get prizes to players on different servers would be appreciated.
Keep on hunting,

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  1. Hey gratz on getting the spirit beasts, Gondria was the first and only spirit beast I tamed. Never really had a care for taming rare pets but the spirit beasts just look so damn sweet I had to get one. I got him back in wrath when we only had 5 slots , now that we have more I might go and hunt some more.