Monday, February 21, 2011

The Myth of Spirit beasts

Having leveled 3 characters to 85, 2 of which are raid-ready, one of which has done every quest from high-end cataclysm zones, I am a little bored of the daily grind. So now my time is mostly spent on the Auction house, raiding and playing other games. But I also took the time to try and fill my pet stable on my hunter. And as all hunters I am not just happy with getting regular skinned pets, no, I want to get unique and rare pets. Easier said then done.
One type of pet in particular still missing from my stable is a Spirit Beast. Now, this may seem hard to believe, but in all my time in both Wrath and Cataclysm, I've yet to see a Spirit Beast in the wild, alive or dead. Yes, I've never seen an untamed Spirit Beast, and I've had numerous attempts at trying to find one.
But I will not quit. The good thing is, I can combine the task of looking for Spirit Beasts with tasks like looking for other rare pets or Archaeology. Of course I am using addons NPC_Scan (gives you a warning when near a rare mob) and NPC_Overlay (which puts colored indicators on your map and minimap of rare mob paths).
On my first fly through of all known Spirit Beast zones in Wrath (Sholazar basin, Stormpeaks, Zuldrak and Grizzly Hills) I didn't come across any Spirit Beasts or rare mob for that matter.
I wonder if there are any tips or tricks to finding these mobs, that do not not involve spending hours trying to camp the spawn points. Is there a certain time that is best for trying to find them? How did you, my readers, come in posession of any of these fabled rare pets?
Here is the list of rare pets I'm currently looking for:
Loque'anak (Spirit beast, Sholazar Basin)
Skoll (Spirit beast, Stormpeaks)
Arcturis (Spirit beast, Grizzly Hills)
Gondria (Spirit beast, Zul'Drak)
Ghostcrawler (Spirit beast, Vashj'ir)
Karoma (Spirit beast, Twilight Highlands)
Madexx (Scorpion, Uldum)
Samba (Cat, Twilight Highlands)
Terrorpene (Turtle, Mount Hyjal)
Terror Spinner (Spider, Zul'Drak)
King Krush (Devilsaur, Sholazar basin)
Aotona (Bird of Prey, Sholazar basin)

And so my search will continue. I hope I find some of these pets soon before I also get bored of this task. At least raiding and the AH game are still keeping me interested.

Keep on hunting,


  1. People may hate me but for me Ghostcrawler was easy. I have an alt hunter that I aquired when my husband and I split accounts. I kept her for her LW skills. One day I was out farming mats for a chest piece that my main needed and I saw I was close to Ghostcrawler's path so I decided to follow it and see if he was around. Lo and behold he was and now I have a fun pet on a little played alt. One of my guildies that has been camping him is uber jealous and annoyed that I found him so fast.

  2. Gondria was my first spirit beast. With a small circle of spawn locations and just a quick flight from Dalaran, it was easy to take 5 minutes to see if she was up. Honestly, it was one of the most exciting moments of WoW for me!

    My most recent rare tame was Karoma who I spotted while taking a flight to Bloodgulch to do my Dragonmaw dailies on an alt.

    Arcturis is probably the easiest one to get with his single spawn location. Keep logging out there and you'll see him!

  3. I've found most of the pets on your list through sheer luck and perseverance. Also try logging in at off times (3-4 am is good) because it's more likely that the pet has spawned but hasn't been tamed/killed yet. But I found Sambas at 3pm server when there were lots of folks looking for it (including other hunters trying to tame it), so sometimes luck is better than persistence.

    -Brys, Skywall

  4. Gondria was my first Spirit Beast, and was the easiest to get by far. My luck with Skoll made me want to quit wow :D. As for the spirit bear, blizzare hates me, I never see that thing. As for a tip. I would suggest trying for Gondria and Skoll on a regular basis. I found Gondria multiple times while taking a break from camping Skoll. Good Luck

  5. I have two so far, Gondria and Skoll. I spent about a week at it, and the best thing I can tell you is just limit yourself to checking once or twice a day, and leave it be. It's hugely tempting to obsess and camp them, but you'll drive yourself nuts if you do it.

    I spent five days searching for Loque'Nahak to no avail, and then on my first pass down through zuldrak ever I found gondria.

    I spent 7 days checking arcturus in the grizzly hills in his single spawn point before I found Skoll while passing through stormpeaks on my way to hit the argent tournament grounds.

    I would say if you want one, the easiest to hit would be skoll. At least on my server storm peaks is practically empty all the time, and skoll has just three spawn locations and a relatively short timer of just 6-12 hours.

    Gondria seems easy, but everything I've read says he shares a long 12 hour timer with three other rares in the region.

    Loque runs on a mid length timer from waht I've read, but his seven points are all over the region, and sholazar seems to always be full of people hunting him.

    Arcturus seemed like a sure bet with a single spawn point, but again on my server grizzly hills is just filled to the brim with hunters at all times, and camping him quickly becomes amazingly boring.

    A lot of the other northrend ones like krush and aotona seem similar to loque for me, always a bunch of other people around no luck in ever seeing them.

    I haven't gotten into the cata guys yet, my first will prolly be terrorpene and then definitely Karoma (sorry but I like the reg wolf skin better than the worg). Good luck with the hunt. :)

  6. Got Loque early in Wrath when I woke up at 2:00am and couldn't sleep. Got up and logged in on a lark and found it in about 5 minutes. Then I REALLY couldn't sleep!

  7. When I was gathering the Spirit Beast, I usually park my character in Amberpine Lodge (Alliance Hunter) and start my hunt there.

    All but one of my Spirit Beast was tamed at either very late in the evening (1-2AM Server Time) or very early in the morning. It helps that I'm playing 2 hours behind the server time.

  8. I have been level 85 maybe 2 weeks and I already have 4 (Skoll, Arcturis, same day 10 min apart. Gondria and Ankha same day 30 min apart. They are out there and at all different times p
    ersistence is the key

  9. Only lvl 77 trying to find and tame Gondria:)) Already have Loque'anak, Arcturis and Aotona. I am taming them as I level which seems to be working. Takes time and perseverance but totally worth it!!

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