Monday, May 30, 2011

Possibly Looking for Guild and the state of things

Ok. I've been back in WoW for three days now. 8 "The Hunting Party" podcasts and having read hundreds of blog posts later (at least it feels that many), I think I'm up to date again. I see my hunter hasn't changed much. It seems I timed my 2 month holiday perfectly. Patch 4.2 is still a little ways away, so I have a bit of time to try and gear up a bit in preparation for the Firelands.

One of the first things I needed to address was getting a new guild. I have, during my time off, accepted a new job, which means I will be working night times, and because my days off will not fall on regular raid days, I needed to find a guild that raids at American times. This is easier said than done since Khaz'goroth alliance seems to only have 2 American guilds left, both being the remains of my former guild GOAT. On top of that one side has recently fallen apart whilst the other is a strictly 10-man raiding guild with limited spots available. I did join the second guild, called Requiem, hopeful that their recent struggles in even getting 10 people online translates into some raid time. But I think I may have to keep my options open. One thing I've had to consider which I never thought I'd have to (GOAT seemed so secure), is transferring server. But then comes the question which server? I don't keep track on server progressions, and if I was going to server transfer, I would of course like to transfer to a server with more progression.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I'm Back!!!!!

Hello loyal Readers. Glad you're still with me awaiting my return.Well, alas the day has come, my subscription has been renewed and my adventures shall continue. Rift turned out to be not as exciting as some may have hoped, or maybe I just couldn't leave Serebihm alone for too long. Either way I'm back...for now. The 2 and a half month break has done me a world of good. So, spread the word, Serebihm's is back in town looking to shake things up again, in the blog-o-sphere. Which reminds me...I have a lot of blog reading and podcast listening to do to catch up...until next time!

Keep on hunting,