Monday, May 30, 2011

Possibly Looking for Guild and the state of things

Ok. I've been back in WoW for three days now. 8 "The Hunting Party" podcasts and having read hundreds of blog posts later (at least it feels that many), I think I'm up to date again. I see my hunter hasn't changed much. It seems I timed my 2 month holiday perfectly. Patch 4.2 is still a little ways away, so I have a bit of time to try and gear up a bit in preparation for the Firelands.

One of the first things I needed to address was getting a new guild. I have, during my time off, accepted a new job, which means I will be working night times, and because my days off will not fall on regular raid days, I needed to find a guild that raids at American times. This is easier said than done since Khaz'goroth alliance seems to only have 2 American guilds left, both being the remains of my former guild GOAT. On top of that one side has recently fallen apart whilst the other is a strictly 10-man raiding guild with limited spots available. I did join the second guild, called Requiem, hopeful that their recent struggles in even getting 10 people online translates into some raid time. But I think I may have to keep my options open. One thing I've had to consider which I never thought I'd have to (GOAT seemed so secure), is transferring server. But then comes the question which server? I don't keep track on server progressions, and if I was going to server transfer, I would of course like to transfer to a server with more progression.

So I'm going to put myself out on the market. I am looking for a new guild, preferably one that can down all normal content and that raids at American times (somewhere between 7.30pm and 3am Eastern time).If you know of any guilds or are recruiting yourself send me an email to I probably won't make my decision on what I'll do until either just before patch 4.2 launches or the day of the launch unless the offer to join a particular guild is too good to pass up.

So people might want to know what kind of raider I am. Well, I raid as much as I can. I always strive to be on time and am always prepared (even now I still bring back-up flasks and food). I do my own boss fight research and being a hunter blogger I obviously do my own class research. In a raid environment I do what I'm told and is expected of me. If there is something I'm not sure off (rarely happens) I will speak up and ask for clarification. I am not a loot whore, I will get a piece when I get it and also have been known to pass on a piece so someone more needy can get it. In short I do whatever it takes to progress not just myself but the guild. And since I've only just come back from break, well I seem to only take a break every 1.5 years since (my last 2 month break was Dec 09 - Feb 10, and the one prior to that was some 6 months prior to Wrath's release).

On to the next topic. I've had a chance to do both Zul'Gurub and Zul' Aman, and I don't care what people say but I love it. These were two of my  favorite instances for a long time and considering that most boss fights feel the same, oh it is so nostalgic. I love the fact that Zul' Aman trash still seems harder than the bosses. I really have no issue with Blizzard bringing back old content updated. If not it would just be sitting there. As long as they find the right balance between new and old I say keep doing it. Now just bring back Karazhan and the AQs.

I have also re-entered many of my gold making markets, as well as explored new ones and am so far happy with the results. Now if only I could stop spending it to reach my targets. Jewelcrafting is still a license to print money, Engineering is actually profitable, Enchanting has finally settled on my server and hugely profitable, and even though changes have been introduced in my absence, the ore shuffle is still very alive and kicking. Here's hoping things stay as positive as they are now.

I am also still hunting certain rare pets. My list is now down to King Krush, Aotona, Sambas, Ghostcrawler, Arcturis and Madexx. Everything else that used to be on my list has been tamed. I'm still not sure if I should give Archaeology some time. Certainly my hunter won't benefit much from any drops but my Alts could certainly gain something.

On the blogging front, I am currently working on some guides one big one in particular where I have to decide if it should be released in chapters or once the whole thing is complete. I am leaning towards chapter by chapter, as that will provide regular content for the blog, as this guide could take weeks or even months to finish (in between work and play time).

Anyway, that's what's new in my WoW life. Again email me if you have a guild or are recruiting and in need of a dedicated hunter. I'm not perfect but I'm trying to be :)

Keep on hunting,


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