Friday, June 3, 2011

The kind of hunters I hate

I am angry right now. Really angry I probably shouldn't be writing in this state, but to hell with it, I need to vent. I've just come out of a Zul'Aman pug. It was a run in progress as per usual, the pull right before the bear boss. So the rogue sets out sap one target, and good hunter that I am proceed to trap a second mob, leaving us the two trolls on the bear to kill. Then as the mobs charge toward us, realisation sets in: the tank is afk at the entrance. I feign death the druid healer shadowmelds, the rogue vanishes and the shadowpriest takes a death. I apologise to all saying I should have made sure to check that tank was there. We run back and I jokingly say that maybe I should pet tank this pull. The rogue laughs and the druid tells me that since I am Survival he would refuse to heal my pet. I tell him that there is a thing called offspec. He tells me that Survival hunters suck (plus expletives). Now remember that this is prior to any damage having been dealt. This guy has no idea how I play or what my dps is.

Now I unfortunately can't keep my trap shut and  say" oh no someone who doesn't know nuttin about hunters". He proceeds to laugh and inform me that his main is a *%@&ing hunter. I tell him that in that case he should know better. I get a lesson in MM is better than SV. My reply is that its situationally better, plus its getting nerfed. Then I get told I don't know anything about hunter specs and that I suck. He leaves. Tank is still not back so everyone else leaves as well. Except I'm still fuming.

If there's something I really hate, then it is elitist people commenting on other players play-styles in a degrading and insulting manner. This guy knew nothing about me. He didn't know that I'm 1 of 3 hunters in my guild, one who is MM, one who is BM and me who is Survival. Survival is marginally less DPS than MM on single targets and, quite frankly I prefer Survival in dungeons where AoE and good crowd control is required. Hunters right now are in a place where any hunter can choose ANY spec he wants and be competitive. No one and I mean NO ONE should be getting any kind of criticism or abuse because of the spec he plays, especially if the reason for him playing that spec are unknown. I know, my snippets probably didn't help the situation but still, that abuse was unnecessary and unwarranted.

Unfortunately, I have noticed that ZA and ZG brings out the worst in WoW players. These 2 heroics are not a walk in the park. More often than not have I seen people fail on the strat or pull unnecessary adds because of a lack of focus, but I dare not abuse anyone for it. If I see someone struggle, I will try and help if I can.

I feel a little better now. Please, people before you abuse anyone for whatever reason, don't be the ass. Everybody makes mistakes and sometimes more than once. Not everybody can be as good as you or whoever. Remember this is a game, I play it because it gives me enjoyment. I help people because seeing them improve gives me enjoyment. And I will not have elitist "oh look at me I'm so awesome and you all suck" players ruin it for me. Remember that you are part of the hunter community and we have a reputation to uphold.

Anyways, keep cool, keep hunting,


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  1. I personally prefer to play with people who have good situational awareness and the ability to improvise when things get hairy over the dps meter trolls who only care about recount every pull. Good players are more than just high numbers. Any pug that never wipes and functions smoothly is a success - damn the recount!