Sunday, February 13, 2011

Real life forces guild change

As you all may have noticed posting has been a little scarce of late, but there was a good reason for that. I have recently gained a promotion at my work, which in turn meant a different work roster and added responsibilities. This coupled with the crazy holiday season left time to post inbetween work commitments and raids to a minimum. But now that the work roster has finally settled down I should be able to post more, starting with this one.
These changes have also forced me to change guilds. I have had to leave GOAT, an American 10man raid guild (formerly 25man) with whom I spent the last 1.5 years, in search for a guild more suitable to my timeframe. I must mention though that a change of work hours was not the only cause of my leaving. My current work schedule would have allowed me to continue raiding almost all the scheduled raid days. But with the introduction of the new raidsystem with Cataclysm, a large chunk of GOAT's raid-members had decided to break off into their own 10man raiding guild named Requiem, leaving GOAT a shadow of its former self. I myself had been ebsent rom the game at the time of the split, meaning I had missed out on a spot on the new roster. It was unfortunate as 95% of the players I had enjoyed playing with had left. But these things happen and wish both guilds, Requiem and GOAT, all the best for the future.
So, a new guild was required, and I finally was able to look for an Australian guild, one more in tune with my NZ times. Thankfully, I was still in contact with several of my friends from my BC days, when I last raided at Aussie times. And so it was that I joined Incursion, and Australian 25man raiding guild, with similar progression to GOAT. I must say, so far I'm extremely happy with my switch. I have been welcomed with open arms and really enjoy playing with these guys. Excellent leadership, maturity and a real teamwork attitude have made raiding here extremely enjoyable again.
I will miss my old raid buddies from GOAT and those that have moved to Requiem, but for now I am extremely happy with my situation and I can't wait to see what the future holds for me, here with Incursion.

Keep on hunting,

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