Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Explaining my UI

Here you can see a screenshot of my User Interface. Theres only a few Addons that are currently visible and I'll explain each one, as well as those "invisible" addons that improve life as a hunter.

The Bar at the Top is TitanPanel. I like TitanPanel because it shows me all sorts of useful information such as game performance, memory usage, Total Gold, Location, Gear damage etc. The Loot section is actually a /roll button. It also has a function which allows access buttons to be placed on this bar for your addons, which means the button around your minimap can be removed.

My main UI addon is nUI+. I like the layout of it and the fact it is almost an all in one package. As you can see, it provides you with a HuD around your character (which can be turned of) for both yoou, your pet and your target. Any cooldowns will be shown with a timer just below your character, meaning your eyes will never have to wander far from your character. Another great feature of the HuD is that next to your targets or your own health bar it will place icons of any Debuffs with a timer and number of stacks you or the target might have. This makes keeping track of stacking debuffs, such as Sindragosa's Chilled to the Bone, a breeze. And once again your eyes will not need to wander far from the action to see what's going on.

On the left and right of the screen are the Buff and DeBuff windows. Buffs and Debuffs are displayed icon name and timer, with the timer changing to red when it is about to run out.

On the bottom left you see the nUI+ chat box, on the bottom right you see the OMEN/Recount integration window, with the button that allows you to switch between Omen, recount, combat log and a map.

The bottom centre is your party frame. when playing solo it displays your health frames for you, your pet, your target and your target's target. The centre image displays your focus target, or if no focus target is set it displays you minimap. As your party grows these individual frames become smaller, as your party frames are added.

nUI+ allows for 7 action bars to be displayed, including being able to switch between shot bars (arrows next to main bar). This is a great feature which allows you to switch between 2 shot bars (i.e one with macros and one without).

I believe every hunter should run ViperNotify as there is nothing worse then switching to Viper aspect and in the heat of battle forgetting to switch back. ViperNotify will play a sound when your mana pool is full and Aspect of the Viper is still active.

oRA2 is a raid assist addon which allows for the display of main tanks as well as the tanks target making targeting of the tank a breeze. No more excuses for dpsing the wrong target.

Deadly Boss Mods
DBM is a must-have for every raider and usually a required raiding guild addon. It provides announces, raid warning and whispers for important events during encounters allowing you to react in a timely manner. A similar addon with the same purpose is BigWigs and i do know people who do run both, however I have noticed difference in the timers and have found DBM to be the more accurate.

RatingBuster provides gear stat breakdown, analysis and comparison on the fly, allowing you to see if an item is an upgrade. When mousing over the loot it will display the gain/loss of each stat on the item in comparison to the currently equipped item, underneath the item's stats.

TBAg is a nifty little Bag mod that makes bag management a breeze. It also allows you to view any alts bags even when on a different character as well as any bank contents on any alt you might have.

GupPet is a fun little addon which when clicked mounts you on a random mount, or brings out a random pet (with a random pet automatically brought out when entering the game from any loadscreen). It also keeps track of mount and pet collection and provides a list and details of any mounts or pets you may not have yet and where to find them.

So there it is, a list of all the addons i run for raids or that are visible on my UI. There are a few addons I run I haven't listed but that is because they do not have any effect on raiding whatsoever.

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