Monday, August 9, 2010

A little more about Serebihm

So, a little more about Serebihm of Khaz'goroth (US). I started playing WoW back in 2007 halfway through Burning Crusade and Serebihm was my first character I rolled. Previous to WoW i had played Guild Wars for a year and a half and had really enjoyed the Ranger class.
Through my times levelling I met a group of 4 other players and we kind of bonded and levelled to 70 together, and once there joined our first raiding guild Enigma Thirteen. It was a casual raid guild with some great players, but also a lot of average and not so good players. And hence our progression stayed in Karazhan, Zul Aman and Gruuls Lair, with Lootreaver in TK and 2 bosses in SSC.

When Wrath was released the group of us knew we wanted more progression this expansion and worked hard to change the guild attitude to match our goals. However, this just caused division within the guild and just after the release of Ulduar the guild broke apart, having cleared Naxx, and Sarth on 25man, and all 10 man content. A group of 10 went on to create a new guild called Rapture, however it soon dawned to us that some of our problems were dragged with us to Rapture and so this guild also broke apart after having made great progress including downing Mimiron prior to his big nerf. The next guild I joined is the same I'm still with now, at that point 3rd ranked on Alliance GOAT. And I had finally found the home I was looking for. The guild had some great players and excellent organisation. it shows today as it is the longest existing Alliance raiding guild on Khaz'goroth.

In my time with GOAT i have achieved everything I set out to do at the beginning of the expansion. I have seen every single boss fight in this expansion, have gotten my Rusted Proto Drake from Ulduar 10 hardmodes and were one of the first alliance guilds to clear ToC 10 on hard modes (unfortunately we were not so lucky on 25man in both instances). Now I also technically have downed LK on 25 man and downed Halion and are making great progress through ICC 10 HM (9/12 but we expect Sindragosa and Putricide to drop next attempt).

I love the Hunter class and I've gone to extraordinary lengths to be as good as i can be. My guildmates are often amazed at the amount of macros I run, and around my server I have gained the reputation as a go-to hunter when wanting to know things hunter related. I do tireless research have subscribed to multiple hunter podcasts and blogs and have spent copious amounts of Gold on respecs and re-gems simply to test new setups (2235g spent on talent respecs since WoW has been keeping track). I currently run a bog standard MM raid spec with 1228 Armor Penetration unbuffed, and have a BM solo farming offspec. my 5 pets I run with are Smoochy the Rhino, which is my solo BM tank pet, Silvermane the Gorilla, my newly tamed MM tank pet, Lupus the Vargul Blighthound, my main raid pet, Razor the Winterspring Frostsaber, the first raid pet I ever tamed and can't bring myself to abandon, and last but not least Blacksting the Wasp, my secondary raid pet when we have no feral druids or CoW warlocks.

So check out my hunter on the Armory right here!

Other than my hunter I have 4 other 80 toons:

Groinstabber, Gnome Rogue, also my AH PvPer
Aristocrates, Dwarf Priest, Disc/holy healer
Kurabihm, Night Elf, Druid, healer/tank
Hellsworn, Draenei Death knight, Tank/ DPS

Outside of WoW I'm 30 years old, married without children (so far) living in New Zealand and work in the casino industry.

More posts with actual helpful information are on their way over the next few days.

So keep on hunting,


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