Monday, August 16, 2010

Groinstabber's Gold: Introduction

Groinstabber is my gnome rogue. He's also my Auctioneer. And with this section I will talk about gold-making strategies that I use.

I decided to get in to gold-making quite late in the expansion, when I got a little upset about struggling to make ends meet for all my toons. It was by chance that I was reseaching the mats for the Mekgineer's Chopper and realised that if i used Saronite Ore to craft the the Titansteel Bars it would end up much cheaper than buying the Bars.

And so it began. within a couple of months of trial and error on the AH I had over 100k gold, and was looking pretty. Then another of my alts hit 80 and I spent 52k gold on gearing him, before spending the remaining 50k gold on getting my Mountain of Mounts Achievement. That was last week.

With only 3k gold to my name across all accounts I basically had to start from scratch. so far I'm up to 20k gold again, which for me, considering the little amount of time I get between raiding and work, is a great week so far.

So for my first post in this section I will post 2 tips on gold-making:

Tip 1: Research, research, research

I cannot stress this enough. Research is your most important tool in gold-making this includes reading blogs and listening to podcasts focused on gold-making strategies, but they can only give you ideas. The bulk of the research needs to be done by you, on your own server's AH. That is because every single server has its own different economy. What might sell well on Khaz'goroth may not be profitable at all on Drenden. So if you hear or see a new idea on blogs and podcasts, head to your AH and check it out first before heavily investing into it.

Tip 2: Expand your business
Those that make the most gold, are those that are involved in many markets. This means if one of your markets collapses (like glyphs and epic gems have on my server, you have other markets that keep the business rolling.

Anyway this is all I have time for today.

Keep stabbing at the AH

Groinstabber (Serebihm)


  1. That last one can get you banned. I've heard stories of people who got permanently banned for economic manipulation for doing that kind of thing.

  2. Last tip removed, don't want to be publishing something that might get you banned permanently, although it is the first I had heard of that. Nonetheless, if there's a possibility then its best removed.

  3. can you provide any pointers to other gold-making podcasts or strategies that dont fall into the "gold-sellers" SEO trap?

  4. how do you make titansteel bars from saronite?

  5. buy or mine Saronite ore, smelt it into Saronite Bars, transmute the Saronite Bars into Titanium Bars (Alchemy), then smelt the Titanium Bars into Titansteel Bars (3 Titanium Bars, 1 Eternal Earth,1 Eternal Fire, 1 Eternal Shadow).

  6. @ Jason

    JMTC and My blog both have blogrolls to legitamate gold making sites.