Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Online Resources

When rolling a hunter new players have the fortune of being blessed with the biggest, friendliest and most helpful WoW community online. The Web is littered with hundreds of Blogs and podcasts dedicated to hunters. So below I have listed the best resources there are:

OutDPS.com, TheBrewHall.com, WarcraftHuntersUnion.com

OutDPS.com is maintained by Euripides. TheBrewHall.com is maintained by Darkbrew. WarcraftHuntersUnion.com is maintained by Frostheim. Together they are the 3 parts that make up The Hunting Party Podcast, the number 1 Hunter Podcast online. They release weekly shows where they discuss all the latest hunter news, have live Listener Q&A sessions and answer Listener emails. On top of that The podcast features guests such as regular favorite BigRedKitty. Very informative and great entertainment value at the same time.

The 3 sites themselves are extremely useful and informative with Warcraft Hunters Union in particular featuring a fantastic Guide section. These 3 plus the Podcast are a must for all Hunters!


here you'll find the home of Zeherah's Hunter DPS Analyzer, a web adaptation of Shandara's Hunter DPS Spreadsheet, and in my opinion the single most important tool within the online Hunter community, a treasure that must forever be protected. it allows any hunter to load his character from the Armory into the Analyser, which will then calculate the raw DPS based on the characters stats and gear. it is an invaluable tool that can tell you how much DPS your new item will provide, or how your new spec will affect your DPS.


Petopia is site dedicated to a Hunter's best friend...his pet. Here you will find everything that you need to know about your companion, where to find it, what abilities it has, even what it looks like and what food it prefers.

Minor resources:
For me the above mentioned resources are all a hunter will ever need, but there are more blogs and sites that can be of interest.

This is your number one source for Hunter related Beta content, full of videos and images. A great insight into what's in store for the best class in WoW.

Another blog dedicated to our pets. Very informative, and a special insight intopets within the beta.

WoW.com and MMO-Champion.com
One cannot list Hunter resources without mentioning these two sites. Both Sites are dedicated to bringing you the latest WoW news and developments (which includes hunters), and WoW.com in particular features regular guest posts by previously mentioned bloggers such as Frostheim and Euripides.

I have put Elitist Jerks last because it can be a bit of a double-edged sword. If one has the patience to scour its Hunter forums in detail, one can find some fantastic insights and some amazing theorycrafting within its posts. The downside is it can be sometimes difficult to distinguish between useful and useless information as there are literally thousands of posts.

So there you have it! A list of some of the best Hunter resources available on the Web. I am sure there are many more, some of which I may just have forgotten, but these mentioned above will ensure, that your time on your hunter will be extremely productive.

Who knows some time down the line other sites may be able to add this blog to that list.

One can only hope.

keep on Hunting,


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