Thursday, December 2, 2010

Turning Worgen?

At this point in time I am about 75% sure I will change Serebihm's race. When Blizzard announced they would rework all racials I was excited as I was hoping Night Elves would finally get racials befitting their race. You know something useful for Night Elves hunters. Alas it was not to be. Instead Blizzard have decided that the racials felt balanced and didn't need reworking. I had been thinking about changing Serebihm's race for a while. I am a raider at heart and wanted to make sure that my character can bring as much DPS as possible. Although the dps increase gained from any of the DPS racials would only be minimal, it's still a dps increase. It's just the kind of player I am.

So I'll put it to my readers. Should Serebihm turn Worgen? Let me know why too. I'd like to have a compelling reason when people ask why I changed and maybe my fellow readers can give me something better and more colorful than "Because Night Elf racials sucked!"

Looking forward to hearing from you guys,



  1. Were I an Alliance player I'd be pretty tempted to go Worgen, so I can't blame you for doing that. Even just aesthetically, Worgen are infinitely neater than Night Elves.
    To adapt the Troll comparison of Tusks > No Tusks, one might use Claws > No Claws.

    I do kind of feel a bit bad for the imminent inundation of furries the Alliance are about to get. Sort of bad. But mostly I find it funny :)

  2. I am making the switch over to a Goblin myself. You just cant beat nice looking models with great animations. I keep hoping that someday the original races will get updates too.

    Besides, I would guess that the Worgen racials are better for a Hunter than the Night Elf ones. They may even be the best of any of the Alliance races with the sprint and increased crit. I could be wrong there though.

  3. I'm facing this same issue. Including trying to convince myself Shadowmeld is viable for PvP. But that 1% crit from Worgen is extremely tempting.

    I think I may wait to see if it's worth it by comparing with other hunters in my guild.

    Don't go Dwarf...guns suck :-)

  4. bah I wrote a long reply which firefox ate :( - tho thats probably a good thing ;)

    My main is staying NE but I will roll a worgen hunter from scratch (my human hunter has went from 1-60 in less than a week without really trying tho I'm dreading Northrend , Outland shouldn't be so bad)

    however it must be said using Dash whilst kiting is a) funny oh so funny and b) so useful