Friday, December 17, 2010

The Turning - A short story from the Adventures of Serebihm

Serebihm slowly drifted back into consciousness. His vision was still blurred, but he could make out several silhouettes hunched over looking at him. "He's coming to" a female voice said. "Lay still Night Elf, you are still to weak. You need to rest." Serebihm tried to move, but couldn't as he was restrained, strapped to the bed he lay in. "This is for your protection, Night Elf, as well as ours" the woman said. " Serebihm could feel a strange sensation coursing through his body. He felt ill and dizzy. Something was infecting him, that much he knew. His vision became clear, and he looked around the room. He did not recognize where he was. Come to think of it, how did he even get here? 

His last memory was that of him visiting his destroyed home in Auberdine, and then he had set out to find Deathwing. "" Serebihm asked weakly. " You're in the Darkshire Inn." the woman replied. Serebihm looked puzzled. " here? What's happened to me." The woman looked at the Night Elf druid sitting in the corner of the room, questioningly. He nodded. "You don't remember anything, Night Elf?" she asked. Serebihm shook his head. "From what we can gather, from eyewitnesses and those that found you, you were riding through Darkshire when you were set upon by a group of cursed Worgen, near the orchard. You have been bitten. We were lucky to still find you alive, but unfortunately the curse has taken hold. It cannot be removed, only restrained." Serebihm took a few moments to take in those words. "What curse? And what do you mean, it can't be removed only restrained?" he asked in panic. "When the worgens bit you, you were infected with the curse of the Worgen, the same curse that affects them, turns them into wolfmen. If not treated quickly enough, as in within ten hours, the curse will take hold and cannot be removed, meaning you too will turn at the next full moon. That full moon is tonight. That is why you are restrained. But don't worry too much. You are alive, and the curse can be restrained so that you can control it. The druids are working on the restraining elixir and incantations now." The woman turned to the druid again. "How much time until the turning?" she asked. The druid stood up and peered through the window at the night sky. "Not very long. Maybe five minutes. Don't worry yourself, innkeeper. The elixir is ready, as are we. Now we just wait for it to begin." Two further druids entered the room. "All is ready" one said.  

Serebihm tried to fathom what he had just learned. He could not. A worgen. he was going to turn into a worgen. he was breathing heavily now. Only five minutes the druid had said and that was about five minutes ago. What was going to happen he wondered. "Will the restrains hold?" he heard the woman ask. " They must...for our sake...and his. If they don't and he gets loose before the ritual is finished, he will become like those roaming the land, uncontrollable, savage and hungry beasts. Look, its beginning." All eyes were now on Serebihm. His body began to convulse violently, testing the restraints. One druid grabbed Serebihm by the jaw, trying to pry it open. "Quick, Night Elf, you need to drink this." Serebihm opened his mouth, and the druid poored a glowing white liquid down his throat. Serebihm struggled to gulp it down. It was a strange tasting liquid. He could feel a numbness overcome his body. He relaxed and began to smile. " You're smile is premature Night Elf, the worst is about to come." Suddenly Serebihm's body began to convulse again, much more violently than before. pain rippled through his body. Every muscle, joint and bone seemed to scream in pain all at once. His face began to contort, his skull cracking as it began to transform. The druids had started their incantations, in a language Serebihm had never learned. His ribcage began to expand, which sounded like gunshots as his ribs cracked in transformation. Serebihm was writhing in pain, his screams turning more and more into howls. The inkeeper watched in horror and began to step away from the bed. 

The transformation was almost complete, the writhing body turning into a rapid shaking. Then in one swift move, just as the incantations had finished, Serebihm ripped off the restrains and lunged at the druids, who swiftly stepped aside. " STOP! CONTROL YOURSELF!" one screamed. Serebihm's senses began to return, his rage subsiding. he could feel this new power flowing through his body. He felt stronger, faster than he could have ever imagined. "You are a worgen now." the druid spoke. "The curse has been restrained, but you will need training to control your new powers. You must make your way to Gilneas. Those are your people now, they will teach you, I have already sent word of your arrival." Serebihm looked at the druid and smiled viciously. "I will go when I choose, druid. But don't worry. Go, I will." he growled. "I thank you for your efforts, but I must run. I have worgens to catch!" Serebihm crouched, then lept over the druids and through the window. He landed in the town square and turned towards the druids now standing at the window. He let out one big howl and took off, disappearing into the forest, towards the orchard. "Something tells me you won't have any more Worgen issues after tonight, innkeeper." one druid said. In the distance the sound of shrill, painful howls pierced the night. 


  1. haha, nice story. You are making me want to come back to wow. Everyday is a struggle to stay away lol.

  2. You know Sub, we could really use a tank. We lost a lot of members to a break-off 10 man guild, something we were expecting with Cataclysm though.

  3. hmmm, well. i'd really like to come back and play but i'm not sure if my pc can hold up in 25 mans.

    I need to get a way to talk to you 1 on 1 over voice to talk things over. Email me at