Thursday, December 16, 2010

Groinstabber's Gold Tip: The New Leathers

As I was trying to level up my Leatherworking on Serebihm, I was ultimately forced to buy materials from the Auction House. What greeted me was a pleasant little surprise. It is already possible to make gold of the new leathers in the same way as during Wrath of the Lich King. The average price of Savage leather scraps on my server were around 82s each. Savage leather was going for anywhere between 8-15g each. Heavy Savage leather was priced anywhere between 50-100g. It takes 5 Leather scraps to make 1 Savage leather, and again 5 Savage leather to make 1 Heavy Savage Leather. So 25 Leather scraps would be needed to make 1 Heavy Savage leather. taking the average price from above it would only cost you 20g50s (or so) to create 1 heavy Savage leather which can be sold for a huge profit. So go ahead, check the prices on your server and start making millions.

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