Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Helpful Tips for Applying to a Guild

Thinking about moving up and applying to a progression orientated guild for some challenging content? Intimidated by the process? Here's some tips to help ease you and your anxiety.

1.Know your class!
Be aware of what is required of your chosen class (most of you are probably hunters if you're reading this) be ready to be asked questions about why you've gemmed and reforged a certain way, or can you change specs and perform as well in it. Nothing will kill an app quicker than having spirit gems on your hunter's gear. Make sure your Professions offer your class the best possible bonus.

2. Know Yourself!
Point out any strengths you have, such as being quick with Misdirects, and also your weakness and what you do to overcome them or work around them.

3. Have previous experience ready and available.
Make sure you are honest about why you've left old guilds, but be diplomatic about it at the same time. Saying you left your old guild because the raid leader was a dick, not good. Saying you left because you and the raid leader diverged on your end game goals and decided to part ways shows a mature attitude and that you are less prone to drama. Also make available any logs you can link to, this helps them know what to expect.

4. Read the Application and Rules carefully.
Some guild applications will have a seemingly simple question in the app some where, this can actually be a test to see if you have read the rules regarding applications. One favorite is to mention something in the info, like "turquoise is your favorite color", then the app will have this:
"Have you read the rules?" followed by "What is your favorite color?". Too many times I've seen yes to reading the rules, followed by "red" when the answer was clearly (in this case) Turquoise.

5. Learn the schedule and how to sign up for raids.
There are different ways that guilds put together a raid. Most common is using the guild calender, but some guilds have sign ups in their forums and some just say "Monday, first pull is 7:30" and the core is there ready to go, and if substitution is needed, they are there ready to go. Make sure your sched matches theirs, and if not, look elsewhere.

6. Be Prepared on Raid night!
Show up in gear, repaired, and provisioned properly. Most guilds will provide feasts and flasks to core, but trials might be left to fend for their own. Don't be the guy who has to ask for a repair bot second pull in, or try to save some gold by not flasking. This shows a lack of commitment, and is a sure way to be passed over when filling a raid next time.

7. Most Important Tip!
Make sure that the guild/s you are applying to fits your goal, style of play and most importantly your personality! Do you enjoy a laid back atmosphere or strict protocol in raid? Do you have a delicate sensibility or do you cuss like a sailor? The most important part of this though, is are they the right skill match? Getting into a guild that fails to mechanics you find simple can be very frustrating to you, and joining a guild that demands you be prepared to jump right into the deep end when you haven't even seen the vids for a fight can be frustrating for them. Try to find a guild that pushes your boundaries and can grow with you.

For you Hunters:
Know your pets and which one is best for raid buffs.
Be aware of your Aspects! (pulling while in Aspect of Pack = fail)
Growl OFF!

With these tips and some common sense, Apping to guilds and trials will be less stressful for you and hopefully help you find your ideal guild quicker.

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