Saturday, August 13, 2011

My first video - Soloing Slabhide

It has been a hectic few weeks and as I understand it Quad has been extremely busy himself. In between raiding, working, sleeping and looking after my family it doesn't leave much time for blogging. My previous job was perfect as I was able to write all my stuff at work and then upload it when I got home. Not so now. But nonetheless I have a post. Over the past few weeks I have been playing around with FRAPS and making WoW videos. And here is the first result a quick 4 minute video of my first attempt at soloing Slabhide. I also had a video of soloing the scorpions and turtles in the Firelands, but with the recent patch that video is now obsolete - didn't matter anyway I never got a drop. Sadface! But back to Slabhide....

Soloing Slabhide

 Slabhide is the second boss in The Stonecore, in Deepholm, and he has a chance to drop a pretty nifty flying mount - the vitreous stone drake, and best of all it drops on normal mode.
To solo Slabhide all you need is a tanking pet preferably more than one CC or slow effect and you are set.

The fight itself is ridiculously easy, you'll have more trouble on the trash pulls than on the boss. For the trash use your CCs on the casters, kill the named mob first every time and remember to tranq shot the enraged mobs. Kiting skills come in handy. Once the first boss is activated, go into Camouflage and sneak to Slabhide (or kill Corborus, he also isn't very hard).

As mentioned before Slabhide is very easy. you should be well familiar with his abilities from doing heroics. The only annoying bit is that the stones can put your pet out of line of sight, which it needs to be in for Mend pet. There is also a lot of movement due to the magma pools always being cast on you. So your key here is really just keep moving away from the pools and make sure to stay in line of sight if your pet. So get to it and get yourself a nice new flying mount.

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