Thursday, July 7, 2011

The past and the future - expanding The Hunter's Arsenal

Greetings to you all from the Firelands. I have been extremely busy with my new job, raiding Firelands with my new guild (I got the crossbow of Ryolith, woot!!) and having my mother visit one week and my best friend visiting right now for two weeks, so my spare time for blogging has been at an absolute minimum. I have been seeking to address this by recruiting another writer and it appears I have found my partner in crime - my fellow guildie, and hunter of infamy, Quadilious.

If you haven't heard of Quad before don't despair and check out his blog "The Strange Tale of Quadilious", especially The Setup page for some amazing videos. I am extremely excited to have Quad join me here at The Hunter's Arsenal and hope that this spells a productive and fruitful future for this blog.

With this new addition we are currently discussing changes that we will be making. First and foremost the Beginner Guide to Hunters series will continue, so don't worry. Secondly with Quad's expert knowledge of in-game videos, we will be releasing some Firelands boss kill videos very soon - All from the perspective of a hunter. We are also looking at completely redesigning this page, but that is very low on the priority list right now.

So exciting times are ahead. Once again a huge welcome to Quadilious and I can't wait to read his first post for The Hunter's Arsenal.

Keep on hunting,


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