Thursday, October 14, 2010

Patch 4.0.1 - Day 2

Ok still haven't had a chance to raid yet, but have a few heroics under my belt now. DPS on a dungeon boss is still competitive. That cannot be said for trash mobs. If single targeting trash, they die generally after 2 shots and chances of getting a kill shot or steady shot ( for Aimed shot procs) are slim at best. Multi-shot isn't as bad as I expected. The more mobs the better the DPS too (obviously).

No problems with Misdirect today, however with all the tank changes, I urge hunters to be considerate for your fellow tanks. Druid tanks are no struggling to hold more than 1 mob and I have heard that other tanks are also having threat issues. So please misdirect to your tanks when you can and single target whenever possible to make it a little easier for your tank (misdirect + multishot is a good way to get all the mobs to your tank, but single target when MD is on cooldown).

In regards to the Epic Gem transmute cooldown, well now the cooldown has actually switched back to 22 hours and no word from Blizzard if that is a bug or what's going on. I'll keep you posted should I hear something.

I missed today's raid, but a fellow hunter did go and was reporting a DPS loss of about 3k! That is alarming, and I look forward to getting a chance to confirm or improve on that. It seems that rogues were hit heavy too, at least from the recount report I saw, so at least if that is the case we hunters are not alone in low dps.

That's it for today from me, depending on new findings tomorrow, I shall inform you of these tomorrow.

Keep on hunting and continue to leave your 4.0.1 findings in the comments,


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  1. DPS losses are to be expected as one becomes more proficient with the new Focus system and shot priority set up. I wouldn't at this early stage start looking at gear, gems and glyphs or even class nerfs/buffs yet when assessing DPS.

    I haven't raided yet on my Hunter, just run a few heroics, which have been boring as all get out. I barely get the ISS proc up before stuff dies and I'm spending most of the time just above the tank on trash DPS-wise. Bosses are a bit better depending on which ones they are. But overall I feel pretty useless in a 5 man.